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Oct. 19th, 2004

[sticky post] Poetry Girl ~*~ - [2004]

I came across her once - the girl of my poems I mean. I met her in a dream.

I forget what she looked like, but she was so quiet. At first I did not notice her presence as I was walking down a darkening road. Not an alley, but a long city road. She was reciting something - something that I recognized. I froze.

I believe it was "A Lonely Girl, A Lonely Road", but I am no longer sure. It could have been "Listen!", "Impenetrable Fear", or "All day long" for all I know. I was surprised she knew a poem that I wrote, by heart. I didn't even know who the girl was. I had never met her before, but I recognized the words as my own.

I asked her who she was. "I am the one in this poem," she told me. She continued to recite the poem - my poem.
I debated whether to inform her that I was the one who wrote the words. I decided...

"I wrote it," I said.
I forget what her reaction was, but it didn't really matter.
She drifted onward.

I met her in a dream.

[2004 {This wasn't meant as a poem, but sometimes I think it reads like one. It is posted on Fictionpress with the same title: Poetry Girl, as part of a collection of dreams mingled with poetry. "A Lonely Girl, A Lonely Road has since been altered to "At the base of a lamppost" and paired with "All day long.}]

Mar. 15th, 2014

Little Comments - [undated]

Little Comments
Driven Thoughts
Little Topics
Random Jots

[undated {likely 2004; meant to group four-liners inspired by things people have said; goes directly with "When's university start?" and "You were supposed to smile."; also my title/subtitle for this 'journal'}]

Mar. 14th, 2014

Winner takes all - [2003/4]

Worse than a sore loser
For a winner takes all
A winner has not lost

[2003/4 {doesn't make much sense without context}]

Sore - [undated]

With a throat so sore
I trust not my voice to speak
Nor any sound make.

[undated {2004 likely; inapplicable to today}]

Mar. 13th, 2014

Wind and Snow - [2014/03/13]

Lots of wind and snow
Blowing where ever you go
Making all things white

[March 13, 2014]

Rain - [undated]

How I long to be
out there in the pounding rain
though I know 'tis dumb.

[undated {replace with wind and snow for today :P}]

Mar. 12th, 2014

Topsy-turvy - [undated]

Everything's crazy
somewhat hazy
Somewhat nervy

[undated {likely 2004}]

I'm sorry - [undated]

I'm sorry
I no longer care
        for schooling
I find it a waste o' time
and there's not much point, if any.

[undated {possibly 2004 but not necessarily, latest 2006}]

Mar. 11th, 2014

I wish I may... - [2007]

I wish I may
I wish I might
I wish I could
Dispel this slight
It was all my fault, you know.


Another - [undated]

with the love of one
in the place of another
drive oneself crazy.

[undated {likely 2004, but uncertain}]

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